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Bath Alarm Amp Hour or Auto Timer w/Alarm Model 960-3500

The NEW Model 960-3500 Bath Alarm is designed to provide an ampere or real time counter which allows a minimally trained operator to intuitively perform a precisely timed plating operation.  This is because the only operator functions are setting the alarm count and resetting the count after the time interval is reached.


In spite of it's simplicity, the Bath Alarm has many features which can be selected and edited by a supervisor.  This is all done on a computer utilizing a simple program which allows the supervisor to input all the necessary rectifier information as well as selecting and customizing the features they require.



1.  Can be set up for any size rectifier and shunt value

2.  Total count can be re-set only by supervisor

3.  Read in amp hour or amp minutes or in real time seconds.

4.  Count up to set point or down from set point.

5.  Audible Alarm (93dB) enabled by supervisor.  Re-set by operator.

6.  Display can be programmed to flash before, at or after the alarm set point.

7.  Optional relays can be ordered with plug receptacles for external functions.

8.  USB plug for connection to computer (USB cable not included)

9.  Wall adaptor for power.




Bath Maintenance Alarm. Using the alarm set, operators can perform bath maintenance

at programmed intervals.


Plate to Precise Thickness. The alarm will alert the operator at the amp hour or real time count

that produces the desired thickness.


Provide Permanent History of Bath. The total count provides a history of the bath which

can only be reset by the supervisor.


Optional Relays for External Functions. Two optional relays can be ordered for external use

such as shutting down a rectifier.

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