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Model 960-3321 Conductivity Controller with Electrode

The Systematics Conductivity Controller is a simple, accurate instrument that activates

solenoid valves or metering pumps for conductivity control.  It is unique in it's

simplicity:  Just plug the unit into a wall outlet, place the sensor in the

process tank and plug your metering pumps, solenoid valves or alarms into the instrument.


The high and low set points,calibration and other settings are adjustable by an easy menu

accessible by push buttons on the front of the instrument.







Fast, easy setup and operation

Corrosion-resistant cabinet

Plug-in output control receptacles

Includes all necessary equipment for instant operation




Rinse Tanks: 
Control purity of water in rinse tanks

High Acid or Caustic Content::

Provides more effective measurement in concentrated

acid or caustic solutions

Boiler Condensate:
Measures the purity of boiler condensate



Conductivity Controller
Conductivity Sensor
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