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Handheld pH Meter

You won't need to refer to a manual every time you use the Model 560 0618 pH/Temperature meter because of the on screen menu selection and intuitive 4 button keypad. Yet it is loaded with easy to use features such as date and time of last calibration, memory storage, replaceable bulb, and much more. At a very competitive price this pH/Temp meter should be attached to the belt of anyone working with pH or temperature dependent processes.


The Handheld pH Meter is a precision instrument for the measurement of pH and Temperature.  A built-in microchip is used to calculate and store pH measurement while compensating for temperature.


  • pH and Temp. Measurement

  • Straightforward Calibration

  • 50 Memory Units

  • 30 - 40 hrs. Battery Life

  • Full bulb for maximum sensitivity

  • Surface Mounted Temperature Sensor

  • Liquid tight storage cap

  • Replaceable electrode bulb


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