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Model 3621 pH Controller with Electrode
pH Controller

The Systematics pH/ORP Controller is a simple, accurate instrument that activates

solenoid valves or metering pumps for pH control and neutralization.  It is unique in it's simplicity:  simply plug the unit into a wall outlet, place the submersible assembly in the tank and plug your metering pumps or alarms into the back of the instrument



Fast, easy setup and operation

Corrosion-resistant cabinet

Plug-in output control receptacles

Includes all necessary equipment for instant operation




Waste Treatment:  The Systematics pH Controller can be used in chrome reduction

or cyanide oxidation.


Waste Water Neutralization:  The pH Controller provides neutralization required

by state and federal regulations.


Bath Control:  Provides pH control for specific bath types such as:

Nickel, Electroforming Solutions

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